Nevo AlvaQR Codes are the most popular way to lead users and customers from offline content to an online interactive experience using nothing more than a Smartphone. While the QR Code is a great tool for customer engagement, their unappealing, meaningless computer generated design offers no incentive for people to like them, let alone interact with them. People are visual beings and can easily relate and interact with designs and images, not computer codes.

This is where Visualead steps in. We are making QR Codes relevant for brands and attractive to users in order to increase customer engagement by making the QR Code disappear. Visualead’s patent pending Visual QR Code is a technological breakthrough when it comes to merging designs that people recognize, trust and love with a QR Code that people know. Instead of designing QR Codes we offer the ability to turn any design itself into a QR Code in under sixty seconds.

How It All Started

Visualead began like many successful ventures. Uriel Peled, Itamar Friedman and myself have known each other since we were young. Entrepreneurship and technology have always run deep through our veins. We have been involved in development of several technological ventures in the past and decided to focus on the huge potential of mobile commerce and the need to bridge the real world with the mobile online world.

QR Codes can be found everywhere. Companies are using them to engage customers. However, people are having a hard time interacting with a meaningless computer code. Our goal is to make the QR Code more effective by making it disappear and turning a company logo or a design ad itself into a QR Code.

Our seven  patent-pending technologies  allow for any design or image to be instantly transformed into a QR Code. While many companies are making designer QR Codes with graphics programs, the changes in the code itself often make the code unreadable by scanners. We wanted to build a platform that would allow anyone to upload a design and turn it into a Visual QR Code, without affecting the QR Code’s readability, while maximizing the incentive to scan and interact.

The Visualead Vision

The company vision is simple – we are going to turn every QR Code into a Visual QR Code – and we are off to a great start.

We have already released two generations of Visual QR Code technologies and, over the last three months alone, over 45,719 Visual QR Codes have been generated and scanned over 367,583 times with a 100% month to month increase in the number of QR Codes generated. We have doubled our workforce and are moving at a pace that points to success.

How Do We  Do It?

60 Second Demo Of Visualead’s Visual QR Code Generator

We have developed a business model that is both quick and easy. The most exciting part for companies looking for a real stand-alone Visual QR Code is that our  Visual QR Code Generator offers a free generation option with no limitations on time or amount of codes created. For those who are looking for a White Label or an API option, we have also designed a great platform for both small users as well as big corporations with several different payment options.

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  1. Dan@QR codes says:

    Very interesting startup ! The online interaction from offline content is amazing. The technology may change soon (NFC instead of QR codes), but the idea is very promising.

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