Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson

“It’s like taking the blindfold off of our entire sales department; instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, we let Act-On identify the needles.”
Ben Jackson Manager, Domestic Sales & Marketing,

#1 marketplace for voice-over talent, connecting businesses such as radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies with professional voice talent. Gets 84% Email Open Rate and 40% Click-Through
“…we have a much higher close rate…”

Manage WebEx from the Act-On dashboard

In an average week, holds three webinars. The company runs an email campaign before each webinar to target potential registrants. It follows up after the webinar with one campaign for people who registered but didn’t attend, and another for attendees.

“This keeps our clients and prospects happy and engaged with more relevant information, said Ben. “It’s easier to create and manage our webinars through the Act-On platform, as well as our invite and registrant list. There’s no need to even log into WebEx.”

The ability to identify website visitors

“We have over 10,000 unique visitors per day, and prior to Act-On we had no idea who those people were. Now each day I can log in and see not only who comes to our website, but which pages they visit. I can set up alerts that notify us when certain people visit our site. The alerts are automatically routed to the correct sales reps, so I know that new prospects and existing customers are being followed up with. This is particularly important to us because we see our customers as people, not as faceless statistics or numbers,” stressed Ben.

Leveraging landing pages and forms

“We use landing pages and forms for lead generation, customer service, webinars, social media, and events,” said Ben. “Now, after mailing our e-newsletters, I can convert them to landing pages in one click. We share that link throughout our social media channels, giving our e-newsletter further reach. Landing pages also allow us to generate multiple URLs so we can track which marketing efforts convert the most.”

“The forms are extremely versatile; I can customize the information we gather in each form, and I use templates to ensure the branding is consistent with email and everything else. The forms look great as well as being functional,” said Ben. “One thing I love about Act-On forms is that when someone clicks through an email, the fields are auto-populated with the user’s information. Act-On understands that the less information you require people to fill out, the more conversions you’ll have.”

Lead scoring revolutionizes the sales process

One of’s challenges was figuring out who to contact and when to contact them. The company now uses Act-On to score leads coming through the pipeline, so that the higher the lead score, the more interested the lead.

“Lead scoring revolutionized our sales process,” said Ben. “We push lead scores into Salesforce daily and now our sales team sorts their prospect lists based on how people interact with the website. It’s like taking the blindfold off of our entire sales department; instead of searching for a needle in a haystack we let Act-On identify the needles. This means we waste less time talking to disinterested prospects. In turn, we have a much higher close rate.”

Drip campaigns: Let the client drive the relationship

“I love drip campaigns,” said Ben. “It’s like creating a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ novel, letting your clients determine what information they want to receive. We’ve set up drip campaigns for both our business clients and voice talent members. We start and stop the campaigns automatically based on customer response or activity. Each drip campaign has a single goal, and when it’s reached the client is exited out of that campaign and put into a new drip campaign appropriate to their status. We can keep all of our information and messaging relevant to the needs of each client at that time.”

The big picture

“With Act-On, we keep our current customers engaged with relevant, timely messages, resulting in a higher retention rate. Our sales reps spend more time talking to genuinely interested prospects and less time trying to find the right people. Branding and messaging are more consistent,” said Ben.




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