Samir Soriano

Samir Soriano

Ad retargeting, or remarketing, has been getting a ton of buzz lately.  A recent study by comScore has shown that over other types of ad placement strategies, “retargeting generate(s) the highest lift in trademark search behavior.”  comScore’s data shows a 1,046% increase in search from retargeting alone, and while this increase is very significant, it’s important for advertisers to know exactly what ad retargeting is.

Retargeting allows brands to continue marketing to their websites’ visitors after they leave your website.  Above other types of ad placement strategies, retargeting ensures that ads are being served solely to people who have shown at least some level of engagement with the advertising brand.   Behavioral ad retargeting is great for brands that are looking to:

  • Keep their messaging in front of their audience
  • Stay in front of shopping cart abandoners
  • Drive users throughout multiple conversion funnels

While the explicit increase in conversions and ROI that retargeting drives is very attractive to many advertisers, it’s also important to understand how powerful of a branding tool ad retargeting can be.  While retargeting has traditionally only been available to large enterprises, services like ReTargeter offer ad retargeting to small-to-medium sized businesses.  When a brand starts showing their ads solely to their audience on the most popular sites, they start to build a level of credibility with their audience.

With all of its benefits, it’s not surprising to see ad retargeting receiving a lot of press and being used by the most successful companies.  Its value as a tool for branding and driving conversions makes it an invaluable technology that should be seriously considered into all online marketing strategies.

Arjun Arora CEO ReTargeter talks to Reena Jadhav and bootstrapping –

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