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Melinda Knight

Melinda Knight, Owner

Womentorz™, being exclusively an online entity, relies heavily on marketing and networking efforts in order to achieve the maximum exposure for products and inventors on the site.  I work with members to come up with unique marketing concepts to help increase sales and brand awareness.

Womentorz™ exists to provide a unified forum and supportive environment to make bringing a product to market less intimidating.  My job is to provide the marketing tools and networks to help members achieve success with their products.

How did you come up with the concept of Womentorz™ ™?

I’m an entrepreneur and inventor at heart…always thinking up new ideas and business concepts.  I have an invention called the AttachaTray which is basically a laptop tray that attaches to a recumbent bike allowing an individual to work on their laptop while getting some exercise.

In June of 2009 I overheard Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Regis discussing a show she was producing that featured women inventors, and were holding casting calls across the nation.  I had a week to prepare for their last casting call in Chicago and sped up the process with my manufacturer to make a prototype.  The next week I was on a plane to Chicago with my prototype and recumbent bike in tow.

This was my first casting call, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I arrived at the hotel conference center where they were holding the event and started preparing my demonstration as soon as they gave me the go ahead.  Once I was ready, the waiting game of standing in line and chatting with other women inventors began.  This is where I met some of the most amazing women with novel and original products, many of which were ready to go to market.  Many of them already had their own websites and their products were professionally packaged. But, they all had one thing in common—their products needed to be discovered by the public.

My presentation came and went and I knew I wasn’t going to make it on the show.  There were so many talented women with exciting stories that made good TV.  I still knew that there was a reason why I went to Chicago and I felt at peace with my decision.  Shortly after returning home the concept of Womentorz™ came to me.  Wouldn’t it be great if these talented women with these amazing products could be featured in one marketplace?  By coming together in a supportive and collaborative environment they would create a powerful marketing force.  So, the journey and building process began at that point.

What is your formal background and how does this compliment what you bring to an online forum?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and years of experience as Marketing Director at several Fortune 500 Companies.   Immediately after college I worked at a small advertising, marketing and design firm in downtown Seattle where I learned all of the ins and outs of not only running a business, but also how networking can greatly benefit your bottom line.  At the time online marketing and networking was in its infancy, but the power of “who you know” and “how many people you are connected with” was a lesson I took with me and a tool I utilized for years to come.  You can’t expect business to come without effort. You must invest wisely with financing, hard work, and networking to obtain gratifying results

I’ve provided graphic design for many entities related to the wine industry in Washington State, and I was impressed by how they worked together as a group in order to promote the quality of Washington wines.  By the unity of marketing concept you are much more effective in promoting your products. This concept has influenced my view on marketing in general and explains why I formed Womentorz™.

How does online marketing assist your members and what tools do you provide to your community of women inventors?

The power of online marketing is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out about promotional opportunities and information about a product.  It’s important to use as many outlets as possible online because the more of a presence you have the more traffic your website will generate, as well as providing more exposure of your product or brand.

Womentorz™ expends a great deal of time growing our online marketing networks not only in  quantity, but also with quality fans and followers. Because Womentorz™  does the work to grow this fan base, members can take advantage of all the media marketing tools provided to promote their product.  On our blog they can write articles about a particular subject relating to their product and direct readers to visit their own website. Our efforts allow our members to focus on product development and off-line sales while we provide marketing and social networking services.

I try to meet one on one with each member to find out what their unique marketing needs are and how Womentorz™  can assist in providing creative marketing solutions.  For instance, we might assist in throwing a twitter party focusing on their product and help to promote the event and coordinate the awarding of prizes for participants.  There are so many ways that you can promote a product and shed light on its unique characteristics.

Also, by forming a spider web affect online with all of our websites greatly benefits everyone’s SEO.  What’s so interesting is that all of  the Womentorz™  members have their own websites. While not a requirement, we encourage members to have their own website which provides the biggest spotlight of their product.  With all of the tools available online there are many ways you can sell your product without having a website however.

Womentorz™  has its own internal networking solution.  How do you foster the relationships between your members?

Bringing a product to market is an intimidating process, so having a support structure in place is an extremely important element to your success.  Womentorz™  provides a community where members can share experiences, opportunities and questions within the group to not only enhance their product, but enrich their marketing and networking experience.  It’s a mutually supportive environment where the members feel part of something special.

What is the biggest mistake you see online entities make with their marketing efforts?

Many make the mistake of thinking that if you have a website people will automatically find you and your product without any marketing effort. I encourage my members to be in as many locations online as possible.  As in any business, you can’t just build it and expect people to come.

If you’re a member of Womentorz™ you can avoid this mistake. So therefore it’s very important to use all of the tools provided to you as a member. You have your own storefront to promote your product coupled with a powerful marketing and social networking site to direct shoppers to your website.

With ambition, hard work, and by utilizing smart social networking and effective on-line marketing anything is possible!

Curated by Deepak Gupta.

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