A typical market has to rely on constant streams of web pages, articles and brochures. However, you must place unique methods in your marketing plan. At times, you may want to branch out and do something differently. Consider these five ways you can promote a creative marketing plan.


1. Text Message Marketing

Take advantage of mobile marketing is being able to stay connected with modern customers. With the growing use of mobile phones, advertising and staying connected with your customers through their phones is essential. As a marketer, use texts to do various tasks like announce new products and send special offers.


2. Hold Webinars

You may have never thought about hosting a webinar, but it is a cost-effective tool that provides new information to customers. Whenever you want to promote new products and services, host an online seminar. Try a free trial before you invest in the project. To avoid wasting people’s time, make the content as informational and interesting as possible.


3. Make Videos

Making videos is a new trend that anyone can do, but it benefits businesses most of all. You do not have to buy expensive equipment. There are companies that can make professional videos for you, or you can create your own. People respond to visual advertisements, and videos are a great way for your company to be creative and get out the content that is most important in and entertaining way.


4. Use Promotional Products

Promotional products are needed to promote your creative marketing endeavors. Make your company slogan and logo stand out in unique ways. Common promotional products include shirts, tote bags, pens and backpacks. Take advantage of lesser known items like zipper pulls and HALO custom keychains to stand out from your competition. People use practical promotional items for a long time, which will help them remember your company.


5. Include Discounts and Special Offers

Popular brands always have steady streams of discounts and special offers. Remind customers that your company is still relevant and innovative. Target specific customers for different offers and see who responds the best. Many people go out of the way to look for savings, so provide constant updates on a blog or website.


Creative marketing means you have to stand out from your competition. The marketing field is always changing, so continue to think creatively so that you get your company noticed. Following these tips will get you on the right track for a successful and creative marketing plan that will pay off.




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