It has been proven that in the first 60-seconds of meeting someone, that person has already come to 11 conclusions about who you are based solely upon what you look like.  As the owner of IMAGEine U., an image consulting company in the Philadephia area, I deal with clients on a daily basis that come […]


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By Donina Ifurung, On High Heels, 11/17/10 The marketplace continues to evolve, both in technology and in how businesses are run.  Computers process faster than ever, we have phones that can email, and give you turn-by-turn directions, cars that will parallel park for you, and vacuum cleaners you don’t have to push around. Yet the […]


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Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr OK…Who doesn’t like going into the Victoria’s Secret store to see the girls, the panties, the sexy lingerie, the…aaahhhh yes…oh, wait! Where was I? Oh yeah… So, have you ever noticed why you have to walk allllllllll the way to the back of the store to pay for your […]


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