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Testimonial of the Solo Sheet


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‘Engaging’ vs. ‘Targeting’: Relationships are a new currency in marketing ‘Engaging’ replaced ‘targeting’ in the marketing lexicon last year. The Brand Z report that I read a few weeks ago, talked about what this means.  Going forward relationships will be more important and effective than the use of overwhelming force or by buying influence.  Here’s […]


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A Problem of Perception: Dot-coms vs. Social Media Marketing Ever since the buzz about the ‘coming tech bubble’ started – roughly speaking, sometime in the last month—I’ve noticed myself having this conversation a lot: Some Guy: Where did you say you work again, man? Me: I work at [a locally well-known marketing and SEO company.] […]


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One job, hundreds of applications – What does the graduating MBA do to standout? A childhood friend of mine recently mentioned how he had come to meet a very diverse set of people. Be it a coffee shop, the bookstore or a grocery aisle – He said wherever there is a ‘queue’ therein lays the […]


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My friend Vikram and I have had many chats about networking and I offered him a chance to offer a guest post on the topic – The years in business school, you get to see a lot of the good and the bad when it comes to networking.  The economy has definitely created a new […]


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Search engine optimization or SEO helps in advanced internet marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of drawing more traffic to your website or page. If you optimize the pages of your website it will have an upper ranking in the search engine. SEO helps in better promotion of your services and products. What does SEO […]


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By: Rob Rohena Finding the elusive “BEST COMBINATION” of web 2.0 platforms for maximum online visibility can really be daunting. There are so most factors from alignment with overall marketing goals, location of target audiences, corporate privacy policies, just to name a few. There are two elements of online marketing that seem safe regardless of […]


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By Zach Halper, As a blogger for, I am very familiar with Blogger, Google’s blog program.  In general, it’s a fantastic tool and I would recommend it to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog.  Now, one of Blogger’s features is a system known as Google Friend Connect, which allows you to […]


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Video format is always the better choice; if a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a million. In this age of fast pace and most people attention spans is under 2 minutes, then you need to have a video that is straight and to the point and give the audience a […]


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Often, the very same trait that is so attractive and “useful” at the beginning of a venture can become your company’s biggest liability. How many women complain that they married a man because he was the life of the party…only to find those same antics completely childish after the honeymoon is over? The same goes for […]


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