The most effective online marketing requires a diversified approach. It’s not enough to, for instance, pour every ounce of your energy into ranking high in organic search for a handful of keywords. Nor is it going to work for you to focus your efforts solely on banner ads. Email marketing only works well if you […]


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I run a content marketing and online publicity startup, called SixEstate Communications. We have a full-time team of three. I’m located in NYC; my partner, Steve, is in Virginia; and our head editor and publicist, Tatyana, is in New Orleans. We also work with a network of freelance journalists and editors scattered across the country. […]


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Search engine optimization or SEO helps in advanced internet marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of drawing more traffic to your website or page. If you optimize the pages of your website it will have an upper ranking in the┬ásearch engine. SEO helps in better promotion of your services and products. What does SEO […]


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