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Often, the very same trait that is so attractive and “useful” at the beginning of a venture can become your company’s biggest liability.¬†How many women complain that they married a man because he was the life of the party…only to find those same antics completely childish after the honeymoon is over? The same goes for […]


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Before potential customers or clients meet you, learn what your company does, or can find you, they visit your website. The design and content is crucial to their first impression so your website should be a priority in your marketing mix. Susan Poore, RN, Life Coach for Balanced Health 101 (www.BalancedHealth101.com) and 1&1 Internet customer, […]


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dgupta5150 on August 20th, 2010

Every business needs promotion, without marketing no one can stabilize their businesses. As blogging is business thus it also needs marketing. Marketing is a process through which we tell the world about our product or services. It helps in adding life to a business. Bloggers must follow the following tips to market their blogs. 1. […]


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