Maintaining a relationship takes dedication and perseverance, but when that

relationship has the added complication of being miles apart, the task becomes even

more daunting. However, if those involved are truly willing to do what it takes to

make it work, there are things that can be done to make the situation less strenuous

and give the relationship a chance to grow despite the distance.


  • Using the Telephone

When two people in love must be apart, hearing each others voice takes on greater

importance than usual. Find a phone plan that allows for unlimited calling so that

financial restrictions do not limit talk time. Arrange times when it is convenient

for both partners to talk and do not miss scheduled calls if at all possible. Make

talking every day a priority.


  • Other Forms of Keeping in Touch

As with any relationship, communication is the key to success even when a great

distance separates those involved. Certainly this can include handwritten letters,

but also sending heartfelt text messages is a great idea as well. Anything that lets

your partner know you are thinking of him or her is always a pleasant reminder of

your love.


  • Keep Expectations Realistic

While staying in touch is important, it is critical that both participants in the

relationship keep in mind the reality of the situation. There is a reason that you

must be apart and whether that reason is a job, school, a sick family member or

something else, that responsibility has to be attended to. There will be times when

this will interfere with staying in touch, so expect these times and take them in



  • Treat Each Other Fairly

Be sure that all the responsibility for the relationship does not fall on only one

partner. If only one person is making calls, sending texts and working at keeping

things going, it will quickly come to seem unfair to the partner doing all the work.

Be Romantic


Do not let the distance between you take away the romance. Send flowers and gifts,

write love songs and poetry or send lunch to your loved one. You can even do things

like share a dinner together by having the same meal at the same time even though

you may be in different cities halfway around the world.


Keep It Spontaneous. Perhaps the hardest part of all this is keeping it genuinely spontaneous.

You do not want to send a text just because it is the time you usually send a text but because

something made you think of your partner. Having dinner together on a certain night

each week might be a good idea but don’t let a schedule dictate everything you do.

Spontaneity shows your partner that they are always on your mind.


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