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9 Comments on Mobile Marketing – Technology Will Always Be on the Go, but Smart Content Is Here to Stay

  1. Content is king. No two ways about it. You need to be careful about what you put into your website content though. Your website might be the first impression that many people get of your company. Good, quality content is good public relations.

  2. adam says:

    There are many kind of technologies, trends and approaches to connect with customers and to promote your services, but I suppose mobile marketing is the best. Mobile marketing is beneficial because it allows us to connect with a person within seconds. when a person get a text message than he/she immediately open it and share it with friends and relatives. So, mobile alerts and messages are a good option to update about a service.

  3. You made some excellent points there that no matter the new mobile or social media technology, content will always be king. Definitely, content is the soul of a website.

  4. Mallory C says:

    That is fact! No matter what social media platforms, technology or whatever you’re trying to sell, content will always be the KING.

  5. Suhas Naik says:

    Yes, this is very true that the use of internet on mobile devices has increased a lot and now mobile devices are produced so that they can access the web. This is a very well explained post about this topic.
    Suhas Naik´s last blog post ..Tips for promoting a post in online publishing

  6. Such a great article, interesting to look head. I’m sure it would really impressed to many readers like me. Keep it up!

  7. nichole@mobile money code says:

    I do agree with you that mobile marketing is the fastest way to connect all potential customer. People are more active on their tablet/smartphone devices than laptop. Surely it will overtake internet marketing in the next few years.
    nichole@mobile money code´s last blog post ..Mobile Money Code – What is this all about ?

  8. Gary Holden says:

    I agree with heil, you only have to look at the number of phones which are being designed and marketed as social network phones. HTC are very big on this at the moment.
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  9. Neil says:

    A really informative post and full of great ideas that I think could be easily adapted to fit different circumstances. I also think social media plays a big part in the mobile web and doubt this will change anytime soon
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