Testimonial from HelpMyResume.Org:

Deepak, has been working with Help My Resume for the past four months and has created a Online Marketing Campaign that has brought Help My Resume into the forefront of fighting unemployment.

With his knowledge Help My Resume has been able to create a viral marketing plan which consisting of Facebook, a creation of our blog, and Search Engine Optimization for both the blog and our website (helpmyresume.org). The success of his marketing plan has achieved a increase of consumers by 30%, a increase in natural search ranking from a position of fifteen to a position of number one, and a creation of our Facebook and blog accounts.

Within a span of one month Deepak was able to create and achieve over 175 fans on Facebook for us, while achieving in the same month the creation of our Helpmyresume.org Blog.  The Help My Resume Blog (blog.helpmyresume.info) has achieved a steady flow of visitors and over 100 articles on tips from helping individuals with their resume to dressing for success and motivating unemployed individuals across the country.

Deepak, has done wonders in not only creating a successful Online Marketing Campaign, but he has taken into consideration the branding and corporate vision of Help My Resume into consideration every step of the way, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my nonprofit organization, and giving Deepak free reign on content that is distributed through our Blog and Facebook account.

I would highly recommend Deepak for any nonprofit assignment you might have for him. If you have any further questions about Deepak’s abilities or work ethic please feel free to contact me directly at jturner@helpmyresume.org.

“I met Deepak through HelpMyResume.org and Twitter and we had a steady dialog about career development, social media, and marketing since then. It seems like every time we talk he passes on yet another nugget of information and a great marketing or social media suggestion.

It’s always pleasure to talk to him and he is literally a wealth of knowledge and information about marketing. I have found his suggestions and ideas to be both creative and out of the box and at the same time practical and pragmatic. And lastly one quality I especially appreciate is his honesty and integrity which I find refreshing.

I highly recommend Deepak and welcome you to contact me directly for additional information.

Bill Grunau” August 29, 2010

“I have only had the pleasure of working with Deepak for a short time, but I have been so impressed by his knowledge, skill, awareness, and his compassionate and patient nature. He has helped me tremendously while working with him, both directly and indirectly. I can review his work and learn so much. He is very calm, considerate, and full of great ideas and knowledge on many, many subjects. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from him.” August 24, 2010

Gretchen Holmes LION, Social Media Engagement Consultant, HelpMyResume.org
worked directly with Deepak at Help My Resume


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