Before you set up shop in your new offices, consider how they’ll look to your employees, clients and other future visitors. What does your decor say about your business? Does it inspire and excite? Will it encourage people to come back again? If you’re interested in making a great first impression, here are six design tips for your offices.

1: Colors

A dash of color in the workplace will do more than just liven up the walls. Psychologically, it’s also been shown to boost creativity, improve moods and increase overall employee engagement. Even if you don’t want to commit to a whole new paint job, you can add colorful little touches around the office in the form of paintings, plants or chair cushions to bring some fun into the daily grind. If you match your colors to your company logo, it will also help visitors or clients remember your brand.

2: Windows

According to experts, the average office employee spends 90 percent of their day boxed in by walls and with no light but the glow from their computer screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe new life into their work stations? Replace your dusty blinds with light, airy curtains; rearrange your furniture so desks receive plenty of natural light; throw open the windows and say hello to the sun. Having natural sunlight will help employees have better moods.

3: Chairs

Good chairs are worth the investment, especially if they’re noticeably plush and comfortable. Not only will they show your employees that you care about their well-being, but they’ll also save you countless headaches in the future when your workers don’t complain of back aches and distraction. This also counts for waiting room chairs or chairs clients will use. Make them aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable.

4: Identity

It’s important to brand your area as your own in order to foster a sense of community and purpose among your employees. Everywhere they look, they should see representation of who they are and what they do, whether it’s your mascot on the walls or your logo on the coffee mugs. Make sure you have a strong brand and you decorate your office to promote that brand.

5: Acrylic

Acrylic is the wave of the future, and offices decked in its sleekness speak to both modernity and style. Acrylic manufacturers for your business can outfit your suite in everything from chic desks to shiny new cubicles, so don’t be afraid to try something new and embrace the 21st century. Using acrylic is also an easy way to add color to your office. If your logo is orange, remodel with orange acrylic. This is sure to get your office noticed.

6: Leisure Areas

In most offices, the “break room” is a dull, uninspired place where weary workers gather in droves to drink coffee and count the minutes until they can go home. Instead of quarantining this malaise, air it out with open, casual leisure areas where workers can share thoughts and ideas while surrounded by the hum of productivity. Consider having a game table or a way employees can de-stress during a long day.

These are just a few ways you can make your new offices pop. Every company is different, of course, so you may need to experiment and take a few risks until you find something that satisfies as a signature look. If you decorate your office to show of your brand, your employees will represent that brand and your clients will remember your company.




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